The Changer


When Jeremy snuck out in the dead of night to meet Woodman and see animal magic, he could hardly believe what he beheld –the old Indian could become any animal. Woodman would impart his skill only so Jeremy could continue a living tradition that would die when Woodman was gone.



Book details

Subgenre: Social Themes / New Experience
Age Range (years): 9 – 12
Language: English
Series title: The Changer Trilogy
Series Number: 1
Pages: 62
Paperback ISBN: 9780945522034

The Changer is my first published book and I wrote it because I wanted my readers to experience nature and animals intimately. I wanted to help them commune with the animals in their lives, and get on some sort of wavelength that fosters closer relationships because when we approach our animal friends like our human friends we are the richer for it. Since I am deeply touched by nature, by the wind that comes like a messenger, bringing me scents and sounds, by the colors of the trees, by the ever-changing majesty of the sky, I wanted to share this, too, because if we notice the beauty around us, even in our backyards or down a city street, our lives are happier. David Kenneth Waldman, who published this book, provided editing, found a superb illustrator, and made the final book exactly what I was hoping it would be. He also helped me see that there was a sequel waiting.

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