Jeremy and the Crow Nation


Jeremy and the Crow Nation picks up the main character from The Changer and asks what could be happening to a teenager who has Jeremy’s gift. I wanted to explore the moral quandaries that arise when we put our ethics front and center concerning the treatment of animals. Naturally, a boy of 16 is going to have a lot going on in his life, and making decisions about what kind of people he wants to associate with (as well as falling in love) and I hope that my readers can relate to Jeremy and through his problems come up with a blueprint for their own lives.



Book details

Subgenre: Action & Adventure / General
Age Range (years): 13 and up
Language: English
Series title: The Changer Trilogy
Series Number: 2
Pages: 172
Paperback ISBN: 9780945522058

What would you do if you had an ability that allowed you to shape-shift into any animal? Imagine you knew what any animal thought, how they experienced life and you could speak with them. In The Changer, the first book of this trilogy, Woodman, an old Choctaw Indian, shows ten-year-old Jeremy how to change into any animal. Jeremy felt like the world was going to be magical. However, it hasn’t made life easy for Jeremy, who is now sixteen. In Jeremy and the Crow Nation, we find him grappling with ethical and moral dilemmas that are wearisome to Jeremy, now a young man who was taught compassion and to do no harm towards all animals. With his girlfriend, Kelly, he is motivated to take action because of the lack of ethical treatment of animals– from zoos and animal factory farming to live experimentation, which is horrific. Jeremy’s quandary is how to remain ethical and still protect animals from suffering. Jeremy has to learn how to use his gift within the confines of a society that denies animals even the most basic protections under the law. Jeremy’s choices are dangerous, but because he is the last Changer, they are choices he has to make.

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