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About The Author

Meet the Visionary: Dr. David Kenneth Waldman

Welcome to the soulful narratives woven by the mind of Dr. David Kenneth Waldman, a trailblazer in literature and education. As the founder and President of Rebecca House International and the driving force behind To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc., David has devoted his life to empowering children’s minds and nurturing imaginations.

Early Beginnings and Literary Prowess:

In 1984, David embarked on his literary journey, laying the foundation for Rebecca House Publishing International. A true storyteller at heart, he penned his inaugural children’s book, “Crystal Moonlight,” (1989) This heartwarming tale introduced readers to Gale, a blind girl who discovered a unique way of seeing.

A Lifelong Commitment to Education: Beyond the realm of fiction, David’s commitment to education led to the establishment of To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc. in 2002. His dedication earned the non-governmental organization Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2006, solidifying his influence in global educational initiatives.

A Diverse Literary Portfolio: From children’s stories like “Crystal Moonlight” to the impactful curriculum program and book “Healthy and Smart for Uganda,” David’s storytelling transcends genres; “The Global Child Journal” and Tatiana’s Strelkoff’s “The Changer Trilogy,” serve as openings into worlds that intrigues audiences of all ages.

Romance Novel  “Weep for Love”: Distinguishing a new stage in his literary legacy, David invites readers to immerse themselves in the beguiling “Weep for Love” trilogy

This romance novel promises a narrative tapestry that unfolds on the canvas of love, with the first installment set to release on February 14th, 2024 —Valentine’s Day.

Philosophy: Where Imagination Comes Alive: David’s writing philosophy revolves around the core belief that stories should not merely entertain but also educate and instill social awareness. Through Rebecca House International, he crafts narratives that stimulate empathy, encourage imagination, and leave a lasting impact.

A Unique Voice in Publishing: Rebecca House International is more than a publishing company; it is a beacon of transformative storytelling. David’s writing style, characterized by its conversational yet profound tone, sets him apart in the literary landscape. His books serve as companions in the journey of self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and learning.

Join the Literary Journey: Explore the captivating realms created by David Kenneth Waldman. Engage with the diverse content that spans children’s books, educational literature, and romance novels. As we invite you to delve into our stories, we assure you that each page turns into an adventure—a testament to the magic that happens when imagination comes alive.